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Level the Playing Field with Love Circular.

We provide high-quality education to underrepresented groups within the Design and Technology industry. Our aim is to make the digital space more accessible, diverse and inclusive; with our flagship UX/UI Design course coaching designers from beginner to Junior level in only 97 days.


Our Mission

Love Circular's mission is to improve access to opportunity for the underrepresented in efforts to make tomorrow's society more diverse.

Our company was founded around the belief of everyone having access to a compresensive technical education by relatable people, at a fraction of what the market charges.

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I landed a job within 65 days of being part of Love Circular

"I can wholeheartedly recommend this programme to anyone, no matter what background you're from. Also for the community, for interacting with such a great group of people that have such an amazing project."

Chris Milne
Junior UX Designer at Maguru

Our Courses

UX/UI13 Design Course

Learn UX and UI Design with our project-based course built to take you from zero experience to job-ready in 97-days.

£ 2,279.99 GBP

Meet Your Instructors

Learn from a diverse team of top quality designers with real world experience from different industries.

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Recruitment Advisor

It’s my job to make sure our students have the best learning experience possible 👌.

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UX/UI Instructor

I'm super passionate about using technology for good and helping underrepresented groups.

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UX/UI Instructor

My mission is to use my own experiences to educate, motivate, and inspire.

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Student Projects

Learn from a diverse team of top quality designers with real world experience from different industries.

Jemie Mistry

UX/UI Designer

Natasha Kellman

UX/UI Designer

Anisa A

UX/UI Designer

Why Students Love Circular

“You learn something valuable every week and you actively put all that you’ve learned to use through the weekly exercises as well as case studies. This course has helped me develop so much as a designer and you are supported from start to end, whether you need help with your portfolio, want to practice for an interview or just want to chat. I cannot recommend this programme enough, you’ll join such a supportive and helpful community of people.”

"Got to start off just by saying thank you so much to Zaire and the Circular team. Since joining, the collaboration, the guidance, the sharing of knowledge, was exactly what I needed to focus all my prior learning about UX/UI"

“I cannot emphasize on how amazing the Love Circular team is and the amount of support they provide you with in the course. They push forward an amazing community base that makes you apart of a design family.”

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