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Our mission of educating tomorrow's society derives from wanting to level the playing field for a more inclusive society. To achieve this, we build expert-led comprehensive courses taught by industry professionals at a fraction of the market cost to get people job-ready in under 4 months.

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Our Story

Designed out of love for our communities, built out of necessity.

Founded in 2019, Love Circular was born of a desire to create a more level playing field for the underrepresented in tech. Our story began in 2016, when our founder Zaire tweeted about wanting to create a more inclusive community for creatives. Years of iterations and a  few good tweets later resulted in the birth of Love Circular.

Today we're a fully remote company, comprised of a five-person internal team and an extended network of freelancers that work with us on an ad-hoc basis.

Why Love Circular?

1. Make top quality education accesible

Our primary focus is on providing our community with the neccesary education to aid personal growth and career development. We manage to achieve this at a fraction of the cost of other course providers.

2. Help you Grow

Having the hard skills to be proficient is not enough. We understand how competitive the job market is since COVID-19. To combat this, we equip our students with recruitment and career experts.

3. Grow a community

Learning a new skill can be tough, especially if you don't have a support network to help you along the way. We focus on community to diversify students personal networks to improve their opportunities.

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Learn from a diverse team of top quality designers with real world experience from different industries.

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I’m Chrystal King, a full-time Product Designer working in the fash-tech world, at Depop

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