Introducing: Fusibi!


Hey! I’m Fusibi Sowemimo, a part-time UX/UI Instructor at Love Circular. I currently work as a Product Designer at Viacom CBS. Alongside working freelance as a Webflow developer building Kadara Jewels. Have always loved design in all its different forms and appreciated art, so my role as a product designer feels like a match made in heaven.

🧠 Experience

Prior to being where I am now, I studied industrial product design and then an MSc in Business Management, all while keeping up with design and the tech world. A few roles here and there allowed me to develop my skills as a designer and shed light on what it meant to be a creative and solve problems. So after a short spell at Love Circular as a student, I got a role as Product designer at Florence, where I had the opportunity to lead and build Florence Rota from idea to fully developed SaaS product. Now at Viacom I hope to continue to develop solutions users love.

🔥 Fusibi's 'Why'

One of my main reasons for being an instructor at Love Circular is my ambition to help the next generation of designers, growing up this was never something I imagined could be a job, so to be able to guide individuals who want to learn and transfer their skills is amazing to me.

🪁 Hobbies!

Posters for TV shows All or Nothing, Top Class, and Last Chance U

I'm a fan all things sports from NFL to football, love a good sports documentary!

📺 Favourite show or film?

The Office (US), because it’s a timeless classic.

🎶 Fusibi's theme song!

Well almost any song from ‘My Beautiful Dark twisted Fantasy’ but specifically, ‘Devil in a new Dress’ because Kanye + Rick Ross.

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