Introducing: Harrison!


I am the product design lead for Omnia, a Dubai design and tech agency, working remotely from Manchester, U.K. I also consult with Emirates NBD, one of the largest global banks. On the side, I do a bit of branding as this is my background before the product. I’m excited to be teaching and mentoring at Love Circular.

🧠 Experience

After graduating from Liverpool, John Moores, I started with brand and environment for retail/customer experiences at Start design. Some clients included Footasylum, Puma Sport and Manchester City F.C.

I transitioned into product design and user experience a few years ago. I've recently worked with Glint Pay, NBO Bank and Emirates NBD.

🔥 Harrison's 'Why'

I joined to help people get into tech and design, especially now, as it is an exciting time for the industry, and I want to help make the sector more accessible where I can. I’m also a bit of a Figma geek!

🪁 Hobbies!

I must admit, I do like going to my monthly pub quiz. I think I've only had one win in three years, though! I also enjoy trying the independent craft ales on the menu.

📺 Favourite show or film?

Got to be Brooklyn 99. NINE NINE!

🎶 Harrison's theme song!

You can't go wrong with any track on the 2001 debut Gorillaz album (Self-titled)

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