Introducing: Jenny!


I am Jenny, the Senior Career Coach at Love Circular. My role is to provide students with best practice tools and skills to enable them to apply for, and be offered, a right fit role.

🧠 Experience

I have had 3 career changes - public relations, radio and coaching - and have been a career and life coach for the past 11 years. My career highlight to date? Probably being a radio presenter and producer in the Seychelles during my gap year.

🔥 Jenny's 'Why'

Why did I become a career coach? Work is such an important part of life. We all know people who are grumpy because of their job :) With that in mind, I wanted to help people find and obtain roles in which they will thrive. Yet, to obtain a job in today’s job market, you need to be skilled in knowing how to get noticed. That is what I bring to Love Circular. I can share job search best practice tools to help students get noticed and chosen by hiring managers.

🪁 Hobbies!

Being by the sea

📺 Favourite show or film?

Schitt's Creek - superb writing and characters

🎶 Jenny's theme song!

I love Cannon Rock by FunTwo

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