Introducing: Orok!


Let’s all welcome our latest UX/UI Design Instructor, Orok!

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We asked Orok a few questions to get to know him a little better...

Orok! What is your favourite thing you’ve designed and why? 

"I was fortunate enough to spend 18 months working on the successor to the iconic Microsoft Paint, in the form of Microsoft Paint 3D.

Whilst I worked on many features still live today, the crossover of physical and digital UX design for the integration of the Microsoft Surface Dial was by far my highlight. I was given creative freedom to lead this project and the challenges faced taught me so much.

The other and probably more prevalent reason for this being my favourite/best design, is the sheer scale this project was on. Paint 3D is on all Windows computers in the world that run the Windows 10 Creators update or newer, a scale that's hard to match in terms of reach.
An opportunity I learned so much from and won’t forget."

Orok's favourite design project!

Can you tell us about a really challenging moment in your career and how you got through it?

"Working in the education sector, as the lone UX designer in a well established global business was a challenge in itself, however the most challenging moment was introducing UX research to a business who did not understand the value.

I spent weeks orchestrating an approach to approximately 300 schools to be able to gather useful insights, which led to only around 10 schools actually agreeing to the workshops and meeting me.

I learned a lot from this project as not only did it help me shape my approach to large scale design research, but also how to translate valuable UX metrics into business metrics in order to gain the backing of less design minded colleagues and senior leaders."

Do you have any hobbies you enjoy that make you better at what you do? 

"I am a total car nut. I love everything about them, I'm part of car groups/meetups and have close friends I met through my love of them. From the design, how I feel driving mine, how they're made, the engineering behind them, but most importantly the culture and subcultures they create.

Why does this help me in my design work? I appreciate and understand the unique needs of a variety of different user types, and often meet them through my love of cars. People from all walks of life, cars bring them together.

Empathy is a huge part of UX design, and when you mix with people from all walks of life, you understand their behaviour on a deeper and more varied level."

Orok with his beautiful baby 😍

One tip for a designer to elevate their designs?

"A creative director once told me ‘if you don’t have fun making it, people won’t have fun using it’, and that’s stayed with me throughout my career so far.

Have. Fun."

You can find Orok on Instagram, and Love Circular students can find Orok in the community Slack channel!

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