Introducing: Rya!


Hi, I’m Rya!  I’m one of the bootcamp instructors here at Love Circular (LC). Outside of LC, I’m an Illustrator & UX/UI designer.

🧠 Experience

I come from an illustration background. I studied this at university and it eventually led me to the UX/UI world. The main link was how illustrations can aid in the user journey and easily explain complex messaging.

🔥 Rya's 'Why'

Being someone who had been on this journey before, I know how valuable mentorship and direction is. I’m now able to offer the support I would of found useful when I was starting out

🪁 Hobbies!

  • Visiting exhibitions - I still think about the Hermes one from 4+ years ago.
  • I dabble in 3d modelling from time to time.
  • I enjoy cycling and cycle whenever I get the chance.

📺 Favourite show or film?

Nocturnal Animals without a doubt. The story and the art in that film is sensational and I find myself often rewatching it. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a close second.

🎶 Rya's theme song!

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