Muslamic Makers x Love Circular Partnership


Inclusivity is everything. We are excited to announce our partnership with Muslamic Makers to create more opportunities for the underrepresented.

We will create opportunities for Muslim Designers within the Tech space with scholarships funded by Aziz Foundation.


Our mission is to create opportunities in the design and technology field for the underrepresented. With the shared values of “Leading with Love”, “Putting the Community First” & “Creating equal Opportunity for Under-represented and Minority Groups”, we join forces with Muslamic Makers and funded by the Aziz Foundation to create a sponsored programme enabling aspiring professionals to be guided, mentored, and educated into a career path that would otherwise be less attainable through the traditional routes of education. 

Muslamic Makers started 5 years ago as a monthly meetup which gave Muslims a safe space to share ideas, network and collaborate. With poor representation across many sectors, our focus quickly turned towards addressing the shortage of minority groups leading the way across a range of industries including the Tech industry.

Education creates opportunities for social mobility and we recognise that despite the hard work and efforts of many, there continues to be significant equality gaps that hamper the social mobility of many talented, inspiring and ambitious British Muslims. As an organisation, we are driven to reduce these equality gaps through our scholarships programme and other initiatives, which aim to increase access to postgraduate education and opportunity. Our support for Muslamic Makers through a discretionary grant is in recognition of the benefit that such initiatives have on British Muslim communities’ professional development.” – Aziz Foundation 

We’re excited to launch this scholarship, and mark the nextstep in our partnership with Muslamic Makers. Role models are vital to educate the next generation on the range of opportunities out there, however, just 11%of the workforce in tech comes from the under-represented ethnic groups. That’s why programmes like this are essential, not just for the successful candidates, but to build a foundation of role models so others know what they too, can achieve.” – Haylee Potts - Events Lead & Head of Diversity Initiatives at Makers



There are 4 tech scholarships to be awarded on our UX/UI Design Bootcamp starting in December 2021 or January 2022, your choice!

An Information evening will be held on Monday 4th October 2021 from 6-7pm GMT via Zoom.
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Applications open on October 1st! Register your interest now:

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