What To Do If You're Not Ready For a UX/UI Design Bootcamp


Getting started in UX/UI design can be costly, and sometimes even the most affordable courses are out of our budgets. Does that mean we give up on our dream of becoming a UX/UI Designer? No! 

Here’s what you can do in the meantime!


You can learn a lot using free resources available online. From free, self-guided courses to step-by-step videos, a lot of what you need to learn before landing your first role are a Google search away.

Here are some free online courses we’ve heard great things about:

Figma — Learn Design Pilot

Figma is Love Circular’s design tool of choice! They created free online design content for beginners. The course covers a variety of subjects within 12 lessons and 5 design exercises.

Google —  UX Design Certificate

This course is a professional certificate developed by Google. It teaches the foundations of UX design in under 10 hours of study a week.

Future Learn — Digital Skills: User Experience Course

Future learn provides a UX course by Accenture. It covers the foundations of UX design and the UX design process over 3 weeks.


There are many videos available talking you through the different aspects of UX and UI, from general overviews to detailed tutorials. There’s lots to learn!

There are some pro’s and con’s of free online courses, we talk more about them here!

Find yourself a Mentor

A mentor will be able to guide you through your learning process by providing you with feedback on your work. 

ADP list

ADP list is a platform where people can find, book and meet mentors around the world.

Black valley

Black Valley pairs mentees with mentors that are or have been where that particular mentee aspires to be. 

You can also find mentors more organically on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Ask for feedback

It can be scary, but it’s the only way to improve and continue to grow. Ask for feedback on your designs, your case studies, and your portfolio.

Tip: don’t take it personally. As long as the feedback is constructive, you can use it to sharpen your skills and take your work to the next level.

And don’t underestimate the power of giving feedback too! It helps build community through mutual support as well as sharpening your analytical skills.

Build out your portfolio

This can be daunting when you are still learning and aren’t sure if you’re ready. However, with the feedback you’ve received from mentors or others around you, you will be able to compile your work into a portfolio, and that will be the concrete proof of what you can do!

Love Circular have a portfolio building course to make yours shine for just £199!

Community is everything!

Find a community of like-minded individuals to support you on your journey! A great mentor and supportive peers will revolutionise your transition into UX/UI Design.

Searching relevant hashtags on Twitter and finding UX/UI designers at different career levels will help you start building your community. Our partners, Black Girls in Tech and Muslamic Makers are a great place to start!

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