Our mission is to place 1 million people in tech

A few numbers that we are proud of


Students worldwide

Students in 5 of the 7 world continents


Graduates in paid work

On average students land work within 3-months of graduating.


Average graduate salary

Our students typically increase their yearly income after graduating.

Our company journey

An insight into the events that made Love Circular.

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65+ UX/UI Design Bootcamp graduates in paid work

18 cohorts later, 50+ UX/UI Designer Bootcamp graduates are now actively in their career as a full-time designer or freelancer. With full-time salaries ranging from £22,000 to £75,000.


Love Circular was launched

A repurposed and remodelled iteration of Circular was born.

With the mission of levelling the playing-field for the underrepresented, we set our sights on creating a closed community to teach UX/UI Design to those looking. Our 13 week UX/UI Design Bootcamp launched.


Zaire takes a 2-year break

After growing the community to 300 and a waitlist of over 500 people, Zaire and Hendrix halt work on Circular HQ.


Circular was born

Zaire launched the inclusive @CircularHQ Slack community for creatives to network.

Our story

Our story began in 2016, when our founder Zaire tweeted about wanting to create an inclusive community for creatives.

Years of iterations and a few successful tweets later resulted in the birth of Love Circular. Today we're a fully remote team of 8 people focused on fixing the talent pipeline in tech.

Our mission

At Love Circular our mission is to change the world of online learning by educating and placing 1 Million people in tech by 2032.

Tech is rapidly scaling, but there are not enough people to hire. The talent shortage needs to be addressed as if this is ignored there will be an $8.5 trillion loss to companies by 2030.

Current education fails to make students hireable due to a poor existing pipeline and accessibility.

Love Circular are here to fix the talent pipeline. We are determined to make it easier to learn in-demand tech skills and get hired by globally recognised companies

Our values

The values we believe will make tomorrow's working world an inclusive one.


Lead with Love

We give love to all that we do; our courses, our relationships and our team. The world's a nicer place when you love things.


Put community first

Community is behind every decision we make in Love Circular, our people are our greatest assets.


Embrace infinite vibes

We are constantly seeking new ways to better the experience of Love Circular. There is no set end goal.


Practice competency

Prioritise doing the right thing in the most efficient way. Be meticulous but never strive for perfection.

Our offices

We're a fully remote company, however feel free to send us cute post cards to our address below.


Love Circular
2 Frederick Street