Product Design Bootcamp (UXUI27)

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What you can expect

Tutorials and exercises

Learn about research methods, design fundamentals, ideation techniques, wireframes and prototypes, accessibility guidelines, and get started with Figma
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Portfolio and job applications

Build a winning CV + portfolio and learn how to beat job applications systems
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Get access to our Slack network of instructors, students, and graduates

Live sessions

Level up your learning with exclusive live workshops and feedback sessions hosted by industry leaders

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What you can expect

Our 13-week UX/UI bootcamp and career coaching provide the tools and skills needed to become a UX/UI designer with no prior design experience.

Each lesson will give you critical insight into the UX/UI theory, industry practices and working knowledge to develop your unique design process. Post-bootcamp you'll have access to career support, which includes best practice tools and templates, access to our career coach, and Lunch & Learn sessions with industry experts.

What you'll learn

This bootcamp has four major categories: UX methodologies, UI fundamentals, accessible design, and careers workshops. Here's what you'll learn along the way:

  • Core design principles to apply to your products, apps, and more.
  • How to confidently present your ideas, research, and case studies.
  • Practical time management skills to take with you to your new role.
  • Interview techniques to help you land that job.
  • How to build your kick-ass CV and industry ready portfolio.
  • How to develop your brand to spread your message to the world.

You will have ongoing support from our UX/UI professional instructors and:

  • 📆 1 year of updates to expert-crafted course material
  • 👨👩👧👦 Love Circular Slack community of peers, which will allow you to grow your network and receive feedback on your excellent design work
  • ⭐️ Access to events (workshops, design critiques and catch ups) throughout the year
  • 🎓 Post-graduation careers support

🛠 How it works

Course start and end date Tuesday, 4th October 2022 to Thursday, 13 January 2023.

Session days and time Tuesdays & Thursdays 6 pm - 8 pm BST.

Course topics

User Experience

  • UX Design processes
  • UX Research methods
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Accessibility and Usability Design
  • User testing

User Interface

  • Colour theory
  • Typography
  • Positive and negative space
  • Consistency
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Complexity vs Simplicity
  • Design systems

Careers sessions

  • CV best practice with CV and cover letter templates
  • Job search tactics
  • Networking
  • Interview techniques

What your week will look like

6PM - 8PM
Live lesson with your instructor and the rest of your cohort.
6PM - 8PM
6PM - 8PM
Live lesson with your instructor and the rest of your cohort.
6PM - 8PM
6PM - 8PM
Live lesson with your instructor and the rest of your cohort.
6PM - 8PM
6PM - 8PM
Live lesson with your instructor and the rest of your cohort.
6PM - 8PM
6PM - 8PM

Course start and end date Tuesday, 4th October 2022 to Thursday, 13 January 2023.

Session days and time Tuesdays & Thursdays 6 pm - 8 pm BST.

Ready to start your career in product design?

Ready to start your career in software engineering?

Next cohort starts Wednesday, June 1
Cohort starts
October 4, 2022
£ 2,399.99 
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  • Quotanda: Spread the cost up to 12 months if you're an international customer (outside of the UK)
  • GoCardless: Spread the cost up to 4 months (for all customers; UK or international)
Beginner Friendly
Beginner Friendly
13 Weeks
Lifetime access to course content and community
Access from any computer, tablet or mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

What time zone are the live sessions?

They usually run on London GMT+1. We will be as clear as possible on the timings of live sessions.

What exactly is in the live sessions?

Live sessions are online lessons in real-time with real instructors! It’s an opportunity to learn extra content, ask questions and engage with your peers.

Do you guarantee jobs after the course?

We do not offer a job guarantee on our course. We do offer a thorough course and job readiness at the end of the course.

How are bootcamps delivered?

Our bootcamp is delivered online and consists of two 2-hour sessions per week, on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.

Your first lesson of the week will be theory-based, teaching you specific principles and concepts of design, allowing for live discussion and questions throughout the session. At the end of the session, you will be set a task to apply the taught theory.

The second session of the week will be presentations, in which you will be taking part in a group critique of your designs, simulating the practice used in design roles.

Your instructor will advise from a technical and business perspective, as your peers provide user insights and feedback.

Is the Bootcamp accessible to those hard of hearing?

Yes, there is a Zoom plugin available for captions that can be set up for each session. Please notify us in advance to ensure this is provided.

Are there payment plan options available?

Yes, you can choose between paying in full, paying over a 2-12 month term via Knoma, or paying over a 4-month period via GoCardless. You can view all of our payment options here:

Do we get a certificate at the end of the Bootcamp?

Upon completion of our Bootcamp you will receive a Love Circular certification (non-accredited - employers and clients care more about your work and skills over an accreditation).

What equipment or software will I need?

We have designed our courses to be accessible to as many people as possible. All that you will need is a laptop or computer and access to the internet. From there, you can download the software(s) for free.

You may need to pay for an additional hard drive if you do not have enough space on your computer for all of your files.

Can I transition into Design from another career?

Of course! We specialise in taking people with little to no experience in design and help them enter the industry at a mid-weight level.

Do I need a background in Design?

No, our courses are designed for beginners and offer full support.

Is the course available worldwide?

Yes, our entire course is fully remote/virtual and can be attended from any location.

Is the course entirely remote/virtual?

Yes, the course contents are accessible online, and the live sessions are all virtual.

Do you offer discounts for students?

Yes, we offer 10% discount across all courses and memberships to full-time students.

To claim this discount, reach out to our team via or via our contact form with the details of your course, the education establishment, and course dates.

Our instructors

Our instructors are all experienced designers from a variety of sectors. We carefully screen and hire our expert instructors based on design knowledge, experience, and passion for learning. Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands here.

How this differs from the bootcamp

The Product Design course gives you the flexibility to fit your learning into your life. You'll get more access to instructors with daily live sessions. And don't worry, you’ll learn everything from the bootcamp and more.

How this differs from the online course

We get this question a lot but hopeful the below should clear things up. The Product Design Bootcamp…

  • Holds you accountable for completion
  • Provides you with a dedicated instructor
  • Gives you access to a careers advisor 6 months after course completion
  • Interview help and assistance on completion
  • Access to optional weekend drop-in sessions
  • A more intense environment that will motivate you during the course
  • A strong peer to peer network

The product design course is more for those of you who are looking for something a little more relaxed where you can:

  • Plan studying around your own schedule
  • Have contact time with instructors on a flexible basis
  • Be in control of the classes you want to attend

So whichever avenue you choose really depends on your learning preferences.