UX/UI10 Design Course

Learn UX and UI Design with our project-based course built to take you from zero experience to job-ready in 97-days.

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One-on-One Mentorship
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About the Course

This is a 13 week course that will provide you with all the tools and skills required to become a UX/UI professional.

Start and end date: March 1st- May 31st 2021
Session days and time: Mon & Wed 6pm - 8pm

Our lessons are designed to give you key insights into the UX/UI industry and working knowledge on how to develop your own unique design process. This course has three major categories that on UX methodologies, UI fundamentals and accessibility design.

What are you going to learn?

  • 37 lessons covering the UX/UI design process
  • Management skills in dealing with workload
  • Interviews techniques
  • How to build your kick ass CV and online portfolio

You will have on-going support from our UX/UI profession instructors and 1 years access to expert-crafted online material. We also welcome you to be part of our Love Circular Slack community with our like minded professional, which will allow you to grow your network and receive feedback on your awesome design work. In addition, we host a number of online & offline events throughout the year. This includes course workshops, design crits and catchups held via google hangouts.

Course Content

User Experience

  • UX design process
  • Research
  • Flow prototyping
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Accessibility + usability
  • User testing

User Interface

  • Colour theory
  • Typography
  • Negative space
  • Consistency
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Complexity vs simplicity
  • Design systems
Portfolio building
Case studies
Design community
Interview skills
Design critique sessions
Career coaching


"I was self-teaching myself UX to what seemed like no end. Circular turned my confusing and directionless learning into a focused path for me to secure a job."


"Got to start off just by saying thank you so much to Zaire and the Circular team. Since joining, the collaboration, the guidance, the sharing of knowledge, was exactly what I needed to focus all my prior learning about UX/UI"


“You guys welcomed me with open arms and set me up with all the tools to not only understand UX&UI but an understanding of how to find the answers I need on my own which is a skill for life."


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