At night I teach amazing students the wonders of UX/UI ๐ŸŒ“.



Hello, I'm Ali Erol part-time senior UX/UI instructor at Love Circular. I currently work for the Camelot Group (The National Lottery) as a UX designer and work across various digital initiatives.


My educational background is in biological sciences, and I use experimental methodology gleaned from my undergraduate degree in my UX design process. To further enhance my leadership skills, I am currently undertaking a Level 3 CMI apprenticeship for Management/Leadership, which I hope to complete in 2021 (Fingerโ€™s crossed).

I have a working theory and practice in UI design fundamentals. From a UX perspective, my main focus is to increase customer retention and commercial feasibility when creating wireframes for any given project. One of the biggest highlights in my career was launching and managing user interviews for accessibility participants. This gave me much insight into the WCAG and inclusive design. I'm super excited to be part of the Love Circular team and welcome you to the course!




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