Hooked on the wonderful world of user research & UX. Hope you will be too!



Hi there! I’m Paloma, a UX/UI instructor at Love Circular. I am also a senior user researcher at Government Digital Service (GDS) where I work with countries all over the world embedding UX and user research practises into new government services. 

🧠 Experience

I started university doing a Bachelor of behavioural neuroscience. Then an Honours in Psychology and Masters in Counselling later, I realised the therapy route was not for me.

Not knowing what I was doing with myself, I got a job at an Australian statistical agency (thanks to all the stats classes in Psychology degrees). It was here when I was working on a team where I was introduced to the wonderful world of UX and user centred design. I worked in this role for three years, continuously learning, iterating and testing designs with people all over the country before moving to the UK to work for GDS.

A highlight from my career was when I tested a digital prototype with nursing home residents who had never used computers before. Even though I was teaching them how to use a keyboard and a mouse, watching them intuitively click through our screens made me so proud. I proved that our designs are easy to use for a group of people who are often excluded.

🔥 Paloma's 'Why'

I learnt everything I know about UX and user research by being thrown in the deep end. I learnt on the job and through some wonderful teachers who took me under their wing. I would like to take the next generation of UX-ers under my wing and share with you the many things I’ve absorbed about UX over the years.

I’ve worked with countries all over the world, each of which has different circumstances and needs in the UX space. Each country has many similarities and many differences. By sharing with you what I’ve learnt along the way, I hope to help you build confidence that you can succeed professionally in any country with the right skills, tools and mindset.

🪁 Hobbies!

Paloma's plant babies 🥺🌱

My top 5 hobbies:

1. Trying to find the best Tiramisu in town
2. Listening to true crime podcasts
3. Making gift cards
4. Building my plant family
5. Making all kinds of top 5 lists

📺 Favourite show or film?

I have a very big obsession with the TV show Poirot based on the Agatha Christie novels.

I love how he solves crimes based on finding patterns in human behaviour… kind of like a user researcher...kind of! 🕵️

🎶 Paloma's theme song!

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