You don't have to sacrifice accessibility for design…I'll show you how



Hi, I’m Rya!  I’m one of boot camp instructors here at Love Circular (LC). Outside of LC, I’m an Illustrator & UX/UI designer.

🧠 Experience

I come from an illustration background. I studied this at university and it eventually led me to the UX/UI world. The main link was how illustrations can aid in the user journey and easily explain complex messaging.

🔥 Rya's 'Why'

Being someone who had been on this journey before, I know how valuable mentorship and direction is. I’m now able to offer the support I would of found useful when I was starting out

🪁 Hobbies!

  • Visiting exhibitions - I still think about the Hermes one from 4+ years ago.
  • I dabble in 3d modelling from time to time.
  • I enjoy cycling and cycle whenever I get the chance.

📺 Favourite show or film?

Nocturnal Animals without a doubt. The story and the art in that film is sensational and I find myself often rewatching it. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a close second.

🎶 Rya's theme song!




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